Why would you want to mill[http://www.bestreviewofproduct.com/best-grinder-herb-weed-marijuana/ ] your own flour when you can buy it in convenient sized bags ready to bake with? You probably have already figured out the answer to this – I suspect that you bake your own breads if you’re looking for a grain mill (just as I do!), and you already know how much better homemade bread is compared to the overprocessed and chemically treated excuse for bread that you can buy in the store.

Everyone I know who owns a grain mill bakes their own bread – so I’m on fairly safe grounds to figure you bake your own bread too! Now, before I talk about the Nutrimill, I’d like to make one thing clear – this is one of the quietest machines I’ve owned, but ‘quiet’ is a relative term. If you can remember that it sounds like your vacuum is in your kitchen – then you won’t be disappointed with high expectations. It’s a mill – it’s going to make noise. As long as you can get past the noise factor, you’re going to fall in love with the taste of homemade bread made with real flour.

My own particular favorite is sourdough, and making sourdough with flour that you’ve milled yourself makes a loaf of bread that you won’t have around the house very long. My problem is that really good sourdough is pretty much an all day project… it takes hours to rise…

If you have a big family, or just want to bake more than a single loaf of bread at a time, this particular home grain mill will probably be a better option for you, as it can mill more flour at a single time than any other mill I’ve used.

You can mill any of the following:

-Wheat (hard red winter, as well as soft)
-Sorghum (Milo)
-Split Peas

You can also mill these, with the proviso that you only fill the hopper no more than approximately 2/3rds full – as these will give you more flour volume:

-Chick Peas
-Dried Garbanzo Beans
-Dried Green Beans
-Dried Lentils
-Dried Mung Beans
-Dried Pinto Beans
-Dried Pinto Beans
-Dried Sweet Corn
-Most Legumes
-Oat Groats

Don’t mill any of the following in the Nutrimill, the high oil content will gum everything up:

-Coffee Beans
-Dried Fruits, Dates or Raisins
-Nuts of any kind
-Poppy Seeds
-Sesame Seeds and Spices.
-Sunflower Seeds

Here’s a review from one owner of the L’Equip Nutrimill Grain Mill:

//My NutriMill arrived in perfect order. I had never used a grain mill before and have to say that this mill was very easy to setup and work with. The user manual is brief and easy to understand. Be sure to read it because there are a couple of important things that you need to know before you start milling.

I milled six cups of red hard wheat berries. Two cups had to be discarded (as per manual instructions), the other four resulted in excellent finely ground flour. I had no idea that freshly ground whole wheat flour could smell so nicely. In comparison, store-bought flour smells faintly rancid and has none of the nutty aroma of the freshly ground flour.

The mill does make noise but it’s not as loud as my Oster blender. With the lid on the machine is slightly quieter. It took under 10 minutes to process 4 cups of wheat berries. I didn’t use the lid because I was curious and wanted to see how the berries would flow.

When I finished milling the counter remained spotless. No flour escapes the NutriMill during operation. The machine is self-cleaning, all one needs to do is rinse the flour bowl and dust off its lid and separator cup.

The freshly milled flour has made a huge difference. My 100% whole wheat bread used to taste very nice. Now it tastes heavenly, it has a softer texture and a lovely lighter color and I haven’t changed a thing, except that now I’m using fresh milled flour. Quite amazing.//

Review by Pinkhat

The technical specs on the L’Equip Nutrimill Home Grain Mill are:

*Can mill 20 Cup capacity (about 5 pounds of flour!) in about 5 minutes.
*The world’s first variable texture control mill for creating fine or course flour.
*Grinds non-oily grains with precision grain feed control; No gumming, no overheating, no jamming, *no hassle.
*Multi-channel air flow for better motor cooling and longer mill life.
*Self cleaning milling chamber that is easy to use
*Limited lifetime warranty

Here’s another excellent review written by an owner of a Nutrimill:

//I have used the Nutrimill for two weeks and am thrilled with it! I am a novice grinder, but an experienced bread baker/cook. This is my first mill so I don’t have a lot of experience with other models, but I see no downside to this mill!

It is a powerful and efficient producer of fine to course ground flour. I leave it out on my counter and drop in whatever grain I need for my cooking needs (bread, pancakes, cookies, and cream of wheat….so far). I quickly mills the flour. There is a bit of heat generated during the milling process, but in small batches it really isn’t too bad. Besides, I have never eaten raw flour…we cook it anyway…right? The speed and convenience of this mill makes it very “useable”. I do not hesitate to use it!

The quality of the parts is good. I have no concerns regarding the quality of the construction. The external parts are a high grade plastic and the knobs are of reasonable quality for the price of the machine. The internal parts seems to be excellent quality. The mill is powerful and that is obvious when you start grinding.

I find the mill to be very clean. I have black granite countertops in my kitchen, so every speck of flour shows up. I have to say that it is pretty darn clean. Yes, there is a bit of dust generated but it is minimal. The amount of flour on the countertops is comparable to what is on my counters when I bake anyway. My Kitchenaide spews way more flour around my kitchen during the mixing process! I think the key here is to have reasonable expectations…you are milling flour! You can’t expect to have a dust free kitchen!

The noise level is fine. It generates a bit of noise, but you can easily stand in your kitchen and have a conversation with the mill running. Again, reasonable expectations! You are running a flour mill! When the grain empties from the grinder and the mill is left to run (to self clean….5 seconds), it winds up pretty good and is a bit louder. But it isn’t bad, very tolerable for 5 seconds. To mill 15 cups of flour for a batch of bread, the mill has to run for about 5 minutes. No big whoop. My kids (9 and 10 years old) will watch TV while I am running the mill and do not complain…that says a lot!

I love this mill and find it VERY worth the money! I recommend it highly.//

Review by AZMom

So if you’re looking to mill your own wheat, and want to find out just how healthy (and tasty!) real unprocessed food can be, the L’Equip Nutrimill Grain Mill would be a fine choice for both price and reliability. The noise level is the best among all the mills I’ve owned, so if you cannot handle loud noise, this would be your best choice.